Five Things Not To Do During This Year’s Heatwave

The weather in San Antonio has been a rollercoaster since the beginning of the year, starting with the winter storm in February. Now that it’s summer, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is concerned about conserving energy. 

During the winter storm in February, ERCOT was forced to shut down power all over the state. Now, according to CNN, ERCOT has asked Texans to conserve energy by turning up their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher.

According to NBC News, ERCOT is asking residents to conserve power to avoid the rolling blackouts similar to the winter storms earlier this year.

Drink and Drive

New restaurants are opening all the time, and staying indoors away from the heat is a bonus. Driving intoxicated is never okay and during the heatwave is no exception. Although it may be frustrating to have to pay for an uber after having a few drinks at a new restaurant, it could save your life, as well as someone else’s. If you find yourself in a car accident, please contact us.

Forget an Umbrella

There have been multiple forecasts of showers occurring during the heatwave, so San Antonio is in for a few days indoors. Summertime doesn’t include just heat, it also includes rain. Whether it rains all day or just showers here and there, forgetting an umbrella would be an unfortunate start to a rainy day. Being careful on the roads during days like these is also important for everyone’s safety.

Stay Outdoors without Water or Sunscreen

Health is so important, and the heat can be dangerous and can cause dehydration and skin cancers if out in the sun for too long. Water is not only refreshing but can also keep everyone hydrated while outside for long periods of time. Sunscreen should be worn even if the sun is covered by clouds. Staying safe while enjoying the heat by swimming or being outdoors will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. 

Leave Pets and Children in Cars 

Since the weather has been in the middle to the upper 90s, it’s important to prioritize the safety of children and pets by not leaving them in hot cars. Leaving children in the car is against the law in the state of Texas, and could cause severe problems in the children as well as with animals. The American Kennel Club has a list of dog-friendly activities in San Antonio on their website to include animals to avoid leaving them in cars. Keeping animals cool during the heat with these activities as well as keeping them hydrated will allow for a much safer summer for the animals of San Antonio. 

Stay Indoors Everyday

Although it’s hot outside, this is great weather to go on walks, swim in the pool, or go to the park with family. Staying indoors, although is the best solution to be away from the heat, deprives people of enjoying summer in Texas. The summers in Texas can still be fun despite the heat and frequent rain. 

It’s important to stay cool indoors away from the heat. Along with staying hydrated, there are many indoor events hosted by the city, as well as attractions in San Antonio that would help individuals and families stay cool and entertained during the summer.

Visit San Antonio has provided a list of multiple indoor events that are going on in the summer. KSAT has a list of events on their website as well, including movies under the stars, which will be at night, but still staying hydrated and aware of the weather is important. 




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