Five Ways to Stay Safe While Driving in the Rain

This summer has been filled with rainy days. One of the worst things about rainy days is driving during them. Trying to get in the car without getting soaked is like a race against the rain.

In 2019, the Texas Department of Transportation found that rain caused nearly 10% of car accidents. That’s why on rainy days, remembering the rules and etiquette to keep everyone safe in the car will benefit drivers everywhere.


Make a Plan

Making a plan before you start driving will allow you to trust yourself and maybe the only thing you can trust depending on how heavy the rain is. A plan may include other routes to take in case of a road closure or traffic due to the rain. 


Leave Room in Front of You

While driving it’s important to leave room in front of you just in case the driver in front has some complications that you may not be able to see. Of course, this doesn’t mean leave too much room, but a reasonable amount of room so that you have time to adjust and keep yourself safe. 

Slow Down

Even if that means leaving a few minutes earlier so that you won’t be in a rush, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration claims that you should reduce speed by ⅓ in the rain. This is not only to keep you safe but also your car. Since the oils from the car don’t react as well to the weather conditions. This includes slowing down when turning your car. While it’s normal to slow down during turns, during the rain it’s especially crucial. 

Avoid Hydroplaning

There are a few causes of hydroplaning, one of them being the speed of the car. Slowing down and avoiding puddles will be vital to avoid hydroplaning. The deeper the puddle, the higher the risk of hydroplaning increases. The other cause is tire tread depth, which can be checked with a gauge.

Pull Over if You Can’t See the Road

If the rain is so heavy that you aren’t able to see in front of you, for your safety and the other drivers’, pull over to the side of the road. This is another reason why it’s important to leave earlier in the rain because you may not be able to see the road. For the safety of everyone, pull over if the roads aren’t visible and if you can’t see the road or other people’s headlights. 

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