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Our economy is based on the oil and gas industry, both here in Texas and nationwide. The energy industry is dominated by drilling rigs and the hard-working people who operate them north and south of the Gulf of Mexico, and onshore in the shale formations of West Texas, South Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. The drilling industry is frequently regarded as a dangerous environment, and accidents can occur on rigs.

“My claim wasn’t huge but they treated me like it was. Walked me through it all, kept me informed, checked in on my medical visits and all during COVID lockdown. Highly recommend this team. My attorney Mitch and his team were the absolute best.”

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Oil Rig Accident Statistics

Texas suffered 44 oil rig deaths in 2017, according to the CDC. Additionally, it was determined that, on a national level:

  • There were 28 fatal accidents involving solo workers
  • They worked unsupervised in 20 cases.

The federal government underreports fatalities on oil rigs and oil fields workers, according to a recent study. The number of workers death on the oil rigs and oil fields is therefore higher. There is no doubt that oil companies have a powerful tool in their hands in order to silence accident victims and their families, deeming their life-changing accidents to be unrelated to work.

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The best way to handle an oilfield accident if you are injured

From the first moments after an oilfield accident, how you respond will make a lot of difference to the success of your claim. The profits of your employer are more important to them than the value of your work. In order to try to reduce your compensation or dismiss your claim, they will latch on to any element they can use to dismiss or reduce it.

Our San Antonio oil rig law firm help you determine who was at fault in the accident, which insurance coverage is available, and how you can pursue the best financial recovery options for your unique injury needs if you are injured riding an Uber or Lyft vehicle or when you are struck by a negligent rideshare driver.

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Oilfield accident victims should take the following actions:

In the event of an accident, stop working immediately.
No matter how minor the injury is, stop working immediately. The first thing you should be aware of is that you may aggravate your injury. Second, your employer may claim that, because you continued working, your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

Contact the person in charge of workplace safety.
It is important that you report any incidents involving workplace safety to the person in charge unless a life-threatening injury has occurred. When preparing the report for workers’ compensation, this is the first step you must take.

Consult a physician
It is your employer’s responsibility to approve the medical professionals you see during a worker’s compensation medical evaluation. A patient has the right to select the hospital of his or her choice for emergency medical care, where he or she can be given a proper evaluation of his or her injuries and treated accordingly.

Please do not sign any documents
Make sure that you speak carefully in front of the representative of your employer’s insurance company or the adjusters sent by it. No formal statement or document should be given or signed by you. These settlements often include a waiver that prohibits you from suing your employer again, along with a very low settlement amount.

An experienced San Antonio oil rig accident lawyer can help you with oilfield accidents

The employer doesn’t look out for your best interests, as we explained throughout this article. Whenever you work hard for them and generate revenue for them, you are valuable to them. It is up to you to seek compensation if you are injured due to their negligence.

A skilled San Antonio oil rig accident lawyer will assist you in protecting your interests. Wayne Wright is a firm devoted to representing oil and gas industry victims who aren’t afraid of taking on big oil companies.

If you require medical care, lost wages, or other damages, you will receive the full attention and experience you deserve.

It is on a contingency fee basis that we work, which means we won’t get paid until the court rules in your favor. Our San Antonio oil rig accident attorneys can provide you with a free consultation at (210) 934-3748 if you need to discuss your oilfield accident case.