Why are women filing lawsuits over the Mirena IUD?

Many women opt to implant an intrauterine device (IUD) as a long-term birth control solution. One of the most popular devices on the market is the Mirena, which prevents pregnancy for up to five years by releasing the hormone Levonorgestrel into a woman’s body.While IUDs have long been celebrated for their low-maintenance approach to birth control, the complications of this device are potentially dangerous and even life threatening. Mirena lawsuits include many different types of allegations, including:

  • Internal injury. Potential complications of the Mirena range from irregular menstrual cycles and pelvic pain to ovarian cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease. If the device is not placed properly, it can poke through (perforate) the uterine wall, migrate outside of the uterus, and cause infections and excessive bleeding. If the device fails, patients may become pregnant or suffer ectopic pregnancy (implantation outside of the uterus).
  • Removal. Some women opt to remove the device rather than cope with the side effects. Unfortunately, removal can lead to unforeseen medical costs and time off work–especially if surgery is needed to remove a device that has migrated or perforated the uterus.
  • Product liability. In addition to filing injury claims, many women have sought compensation from Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the Mirena IUD, for false advertising. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned Bayer that Mirena’s promotional materials overstated its ability to improve intimacy, minimized many health risks (such as infection and pregnancy), and made other false claims about the device.
  • Medical malpractice. Doctors and medical professionals can also be held liable for Mirena injuries if the devices were not properly implanted or removed. In addition, a doctor who fails to properly warn a patient of the potential risks can be held liable for causing injuries through negligence.

Could I Join a Mirena Lawsuit?

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