It’s that time of year for Back to School traffic


Several schools around San Antonio have started, and this is a great time to remind everyone to keep themselves and their children safe during the school year. This means there will be more school buses out on the roads for the next few months. School buses are designed so that they can be seen and have many features that keep students and drivers safe. Staying aware of school buses on the road will also keep drivers and students safe as long as everyone follows the proper safety measures and etiquette. 


Pay Attention to the Color of the Lights

Buses flash their lights indicating if they’re about to stop or if they’ve stopped. Looking out for if the lights are red or yellow will be important for the safety of everyone involved. Yellow flashing lights mean that the bus will be stopping shortly. If the lights are red with extended arms that means the bus has stopped and children are entering or departing the bus. If you see these lights, they are warnings to the driver to slow down or stop.



Watch Out for Students

Some bus stops are a few houses away from a student’s house, which means they have to be on the lookout for drivers and make sure they are seen. If you see a bus nearby, expect to see some students walking to their houses or to the bus stop. Especially if they just left or departed the bus. Slow down or stop if students are on the crosswalk, and be cautious as they may be crossing even if you don’t see them.



Keep Your Distance

Buses stop frequently to drop off and pick up students, so as a safety precaution try to give the buses space to make these stops without getting into any accidents. Paying attention to their lights will give you a warning and let you know how much time you have to give them enough distance to stop. 



Safety in School Zones

There will be several buses around school zones, which is why there are so many laws surrounding them. Familiarizing yourself with the time that school buses will be heading to and from the schools will clear out the roads for them and save time for others. Be extra cautious around school zones and watching for buses preparing to enter or leave.



Educate Children on Traffic Safety

If you have a child on the bus, you will need to educate them on getting to and from the bus stop safely if they don’t have anyone walking with them. Some cars may not be paying attention so stressing the importance of children watching where they are going could make a big difference in the way they travel to and from their bus stops. 



Not paying attention to the bus’s lights and arms could lead to a fine of around $1500. Staying aware of school buses and children on the road will make everyone’s commute smooth and allow for everyone to get to their destination safely. If you happen to find yourself in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact Wayne Wright. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to advocate for you and your case. Find out if you have a case and contact us today.

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