Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

To celebrate Thanksgiving and to thank you for your support and loyalty, Wayne Wright is giving away pumpkin pies. The giveaway will be held at our office on Friday, November 19th just in time for Thanksgiving.

There is so much to worry about on Thanksgiving especially if you have family coming in. Worry about one less thing and let us provide the pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pies have a long history on the menu for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin is even believed to be a part of the famous first Thanksgiving. From being boiled with strained milk to alternating layers with apple, pumpkin pies have evolved over the centuries. Pumpkin pies were even similar to tarts or similar to pumpkin empanadas.

Today there are plenty of variations of pumpkin pie recipes, but one thing remains the same, pumpkin pies are a Thanksgiving staple. So, come on out to Wayne Wright on the 19th of November and get your favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

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