Dogs are Members of the Family,

So it’s not uncommon for them to travel in cars as often as the human members of the family do. People take their dogs to the store, to visit family during the holidays, and even across the country. Ensuring your dog’s safety in the car should be a priority before starting your trip especially if the trip is long distance.

Where is the Safest Place for your Dog to Sit While Driving?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) believes that dogs should never sit in the driver’s lap because it’s distracting to the driver and could block their view of the roads and other cars. In some states, it’s against the law for a dog to sit on a driver’s lap.

The AKC does not recommend dogs sitting in passenger seats of cars. If it’s necessary they recommend restraining your dog with a Dog Seat Belt or a harness. According to NBC, the harness should be crash tested and have padding that could protect the dog in case of an accident or if the harness comes undone from the seat belt.

What is the Safest Way to Restrain your Dog While Driving?

It is recommended that drivers use a crate made from strong material to secure their dogs while in the car. Keeping dogs in a crate during a drive can reduce motion sickness and provides a safe place for your dog to be cozy in case of anxiety. The Center for Pet Safety has a list of several crates, carriers, and harnesses that have been crash-tested and are Center for Pet Safety certified. 


If a driver chooses not to restrain their dog in the car, keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up in case their dog tries to jump out. Dogs should never lean out of the window or sit on the bed of a pickup truck because they could be injured in an accident or by debris on the road.

Drivers should never leave their pets in their cars unattended. Dogs can overheat easily and in hotter temperatures, it could be dangerous for the dog. Always keep an ID tag on dogs while on a trip because they could jump out.

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