How to Get Help After a Pedestrian Accident

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Our personal injury attorneys in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso and Houston have extensive experience handling all types of cases involving pedestrians. We will assist you and help you seek compensation for the medical and financial complications of your injury.

Non-Vehicle-Related Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian may be injured by dangerous conditions on a sidewalk, a street, or the premises of another person or company. Premises liability laws state that property owners or those in control of public property are legally responsible for keeping their property safe and hazard free. Contact Wayne Wright LLP about advice on obtaining a fair and just result in your case.

When Pedestrian Accident Victims are Children

Children are at greater risk of pedestrian accidents because they simply ignore or forget safety rules. Property owners have an obligation to take this into account when securing their properties. Our Wayne Wright, LLP pedestrian accident lawyers aid and consult parents confronting the damages, pain, and suffering caused by their children’s accidents. Sadly, in some cases children suffer serious head traumas, spinal cord injury and/or brain injury as a result of pedestrian accidents. Contact Wayne Wright LLP to talk to a skilled San Antonio brain injury lawyer and discuss your child’s case.

Pedestrian Negligence

Each pedestrian has the obligation to abide by the moving traffic laws. Pedestrians may be legally negligent in an accident if they:

  • Ignore the “walk” or “don’t walk” safety signals at an intersection.
  • Enter a stream of traffic and disrupt the flow of traffic.
  • Fail to use marked crosswalks and cross a street in the middle of a block or at an unmarked place on the street.
  • Dart in front of a vehicle.
  • Enter the street from between two parked vehicles.
  • Do not observe safety rules due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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