How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian


Discovering San Antonio and all its attractions is an important part of visiting the city. This involves dealing with San Antonio traffic and walking around the town.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association claims that a pedestrian was killed in an accident every hour and a half in 2019. They also believe that everyone is classified as a pedestrian at some point in their lives. 

According to San Antonio Express News, the death rate for pedestrians is on the rise this year. It’s important to remember the traffic rules and etiquette to make sure and keep everyone safe on the roads. 


Walk on the Sidewalk

Walking on the sidewalk prevents pedestrians from interfering with traffic, and can prevent unnecessary accidents. If there isn’t a sidewalk, walk as far away from the road as possible. Staying to one side of the sidewalk is also important because bikers and joggers may be walking or riding at a faster pace. 


Wear Bright Clothes at Night

While walking at night, it’s important to make sure those in the car can see who may be walking in front of them. Clothes must be bright enough so that someone driving a car can see someone walking in front of them or to the side of them at night. Those that walk their dogs at night should consider getting their pet a bright colored leash so that drivers are able to see there is an animal crossing the street as well. Wearing clothes or shoes that contain reflective materials also helps, this is also applicable to leashes.


Practice Crosswalk Etiquette

Staying safe while crossing the street or busy intersections will save your life. Reminding yourself of the etiquette for crossing the street may seem unnecessary, but it’s important to remember the rules that could save your life.

  • Always look right and left before crossing the street
  • Stay to one side of the crosswalk so anyone walking faster can go around
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at a crosswalk, but they can only cross during a “walk” signal
  • Avoid using electronic devices while crossing the street
  • If there is no crosswalk, find an area where there is little to no traffic and is well lit to be able to cross without interfering with traffic.


Although remembering how to stay safe as a pedestrian may seem unnecessary, it can prevent accidents and save lives. It’s important to work with surrounding cars and other pedestrians to make sure everyone gets to their destinations safely. 

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