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If you’ve been injured in a 18 wheeler accident, Wayne Wright personal injury lawyers will fight for you.

At Wayne Wright Lawyers, we use our experience to advocate for the rights of 18 wheeler accident victims. When 18 wheeler companies in Harrisburg operate negligently and hurt someone they should be held accountable! You are not alone if you’ve been injured by a negligent 18 wheeler driver or company; call us today so that one lawyers can guide your way through this difficult time period while advocating on behalf of their needs throughout every step along the process until finally being compensated fully after successful litigation has taken place against those responsible only which may include large verdicts handed down from juries depending upon what happened during crash events involved – some big & others small but all worthwhile when fighting back.

“Used Wayne Wright for a 3 vehicle accident involving a 18-wheeler. It took a year to settle due to other insurances but Wayne Wright, specifically Linh, got the best outcome under the circumstances. Professional staff and responsive. I would recommend Wayne Wright.”

– Sabrina Perri | Google Review

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What To Do After A 18 Wheeler Accident?

The amount of confusion immediately following a 18 wheeler crash can be great. You’ll want to make sure the police and any necessary emergency workers are called immediately to assist with any injuries or burns.

The police will take extensive notes, statements from all the involved parties and any witnesses, and take photos as part of their accident report. If possible, you will also want to document as much as you can, including witness statements.

If your phone’s camera is working, be sure to take as many pictures as possible of the damage to your vehicle and any injuries you and any other passengers sustained. Doing so can help you ensure that anything the police missed is still documented.

What Are The Leading Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents?

Driver Error – Despite the increased size and impact of truck accidents, truck drivers often drive recklessly. They often drive drowsy to reach mileage goals set by their companies and may be operating their 18 wheeler while under the influence or while distracted.

Poorly Maintained 18 Wheelers – 18 heeler are often driven thousands of miles per week and if they are not properly cared for, they can become dangerous quickly. While worn brake pads or a cracked windshield must be dealt with if they occur on smaller vehicles, they can be the cause of a major traffic accident on a 18 wheeler.

Equipment Failure – Defective parts on a 18 wheeler may not be the fault of the driver, but they can turn deadly. Your attorney will be able to tell if a 18 wheeler company or manufacturer may be liable for your accident in addition to the 18 wheeler driver.

Improperly Loaded Cargo – Loading the beds of commercial 18 wheeler must be done carefully and in accordance with the law. If they are loaded improperly, the contents on the 18 wheeler may spill out onto the road and cause accidents and injuries.

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