Key Differences to Look for When Choosing a Truck Accident Lawyer

After a collision as serious as a truck accident, you’re hurt. You need help fast, but to whom should you turn? If you’re like many people, you get advice from your family or friends who have been involved in a car accident in the past: what attorney did they use?

This is a big mistake.

Why Truck Accident Lawyers Are Different From Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents between two passenger vehicles are wildly different from truck collisions. Truck crash cases must be handled in a different way. Truck accidents are more severe in nature and more complex to settle. It requires a lawyer with a solid understanding of how truck accident claims are investigated and approached. Without this, there is no way to effectively negotiate a fair settlement.

Here are four key differences you will want to look for when selecting a truck accident lawyer over a car accident lawyer:

  • Experience. Because truck accidents are handled so differently, the lawyer you hire to represent your case must have experience working on these settlements. Through experience, lawyers learn how trucking company insurance adjusters will react, how they operate, and the games they play. Experience shows the lawyer representing you the tactics that trucking industry insurance adjusters use to convince injured parties to settle for less than they deserve. Without this experience on your side, you leave a lot to chance.
  • Detailed Representation. Truck company insurance adjusters are skilled at their craft. They have a detailed plan in place and take action immediately after an accident occurs to start gathering evidence against you. You need the same type of detail-oriented representation working on your behalf if you want to get a fair and just settlement.
  • Personal Outreach. This is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences you will ever face. While enduring the recovery process and negotiation with the insurance company, you need someone on your side you can count on. Having close contact and a proactive lawyer working on your behalf will ease your mind and keep you in-the-know about what your future holds.
  • A National Scope. Truck driving is regulated under federal laws. The company that owns the truck which injured you may be located out of state. Your attorney should be familiar with truck accident cases from across the United States and be a member of a law firm that covers truck injury cases nationwide.

Truck accidents are frightening. To fight for what is fair in your case, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer working on your case. This person cannot be sloppy. You need someone on your side who you can easily and openly talk to during each step of the claims process.

Do you know someone who was in a truck accident and is looking for a lawyer? We encourage you to send him or her this article to help with the search.

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