San Antonio Is Opening Up Again!

To celebrate there are more events being scheduled this summer since everything closed last year. One of the events coming up is Fiesta, which will begin June, 17 and end June, 27, and contains a variety of outdoor events that focus on the history of Fiesta and San Antonio. 

Since the city is opening up and hosting events it’s important to remember to drive safely and be mindful of other people who may be driving around you. Due to the crowds at the events this summer, there could be a higher chance of car accidents. If you happen to find yourself in a car accident please get in contact with us.  

According to, the events will be operating at full capacity, so there will be plenty of safety measures to keep everyone safe. Fiesta is coming back just in time to kick off the summer and spend time with friends and family. You can find the schedule of events on their website. There are many events scheduled including an event at the Botanical gardens and Fiesta Carnivals at the Alamodome. There will be multiple opportunities to enjoy Fiesta safely.

Dates for other events hosted by the city are available on their website, these events range from river parades similar to Fiesta, to dinners for special occasions.



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