Getting Help After an Electrical Injury

Compensation for Electrical Injury Victims

Before you accept any compensation from an insurance company, know the extent of your injuries. Then secure legal representation with a personal injury attorney at our Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio offices. They will pursue compensation for your injuries and expenses.

Winning for Electrical Burn Injury Victims

Electrical burns may result in serious long-term injuries, requiring expensive medical treatment and lost wages. Do not waive your right to demand fair compensation by accepting money from an insurance company. Contact Wayne Wright LLP to represent your claim.

Representation for Nerve Damage Victims

The experienced attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP represent clients who have suffered a brain injury and/or nerve damage resulting from electrical injuries. Victims may suffer temporary, permanent, or relapsing symptoms such as pain, numbness and immobility. Do not settle with an insurance company until you contact our attorneys to discuss your claim and the compensation you deserve.

We Fight for Victims of Organ Damage

Electricity may cause internal organ damage that is not apparent externally. Seek immediate medical attention. Then contact our experienced attorneys to represent you before settling claims with an insurance representative.

Wayne Wright LLP is Here for You

We advise you to contact Wayne Wright LLP before speaking with an insurance company about your accident. Call our Texas attorneys at 210-888-8888 for advice about your claim. We know the law, and we will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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