After a Construction Accident in Texas, Put an Injury Lawyer on Your Side

Compensation for Construction Accident Victims

When construction accidents occur, serious injury or wrongful death may result. Individuals sometimes require powerful representation to receive compensation they justly deserve. Our attorneys in Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio represent victims of construction accidents. We understand the law and will try your case with the determination necessary to reach a favorable outcome. Contact our skilled San Antonio construction accident lawyers, and we will make sure you are not alone in your fight.

Attorneys Seek Justice for Victims

Our highly experienced San Antonio injury attorneys understand that compensation from state and federal governments for construction accident victims may not reflect all the pain and suffering. Finances often prevent companies and corporations from providing fair compensation for workers injured on the job. Our San Antonio / Corpus Christi construction accident attorneys will assist you in receiving fair
and just compensation for your losses.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Our lawyers will pursue compensation for construction accidents resulting from:

  • Falls
  • Machinery defects (faulty scaffolding, cranes, ladders, heavy machinery)
  • Electrical injuries (faulty power lines)
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Structure collapses
  • Builder negligence
  • Non-compliance with OSHA safety standards

Our experienced attorneys will also try oil field and industrial accidents. These cases often involve explosions and intense fires that are responsible for scores of serious personal injuries and deaths.

We Demand Compensation for Victims

Construction accident victims receive compensation one of two ways. One way is to file a workers’ compensation claim. Any settlements from this filing come from the insurance company that protects the employer. The second way is to file a third party lawsuit against the responsible parties. Our attorneys will file a lawsuit and seek compensation for damages in excess of coverage by workers’ compensation benefits.

Contact us at Wayne Wright, LLP and receive knowledgeable and compassionate representation for your case. We fight for just compensation.

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