Cases are piling up against Travis Scott and Drake after Astroworld Tragedy,

After the Astroworld Festival held by Travis Scott last weekend, several attendees were found dead and injured due to the event. Several of those who passed or were injured were under the age of 30 years old.

Scott has an audience that are relatively young, so several of these victims were under the age of thirty years old. Several officials involved agree that these events are meant to inspire and attendees should not be afraid for their safety.

San Antonio resident Bianca Orta, described her time at the event and said she was unable to breathe at one point because someone put their full weight on her neck.

This is not the first time Scott has had charges against him due to his events, including incidents in 2015 and 2017. He has been convicted of inciting riots at previous events. 

Lawsuits are piling up against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, and NRG Stadium from the families of the attendees that passed and the injured attendees. The amount of injuries and deaths are so high that the second day of the event was canceled. The staff at the event were calling for the first performance to stop.

There are several videos of the event and people chanting for the event to stop, and even showed people not being able to move around.

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